The Bitnamix opportunity is your true 100% decentralized BTC business where your BTC becomes dynamic!

No middleman here to tamper with nor touch your hard earned Bitcoin.. EVER!

Bitnamix combines the most lucrative comp plans in the world and with the Bitnamix extra proprietary touch we’ve created the comp plan of comp plans on steroids!

With our hyper synergistic aggressive comp plan you will become a BTC SPITTING factory each and every day of the week! Matter a fact, our comp plan is so aggressive many will experience six and seven figures incomes their very first week.

Now let's look at how the Bitnamix comp plan works and how you can start your life changing experience today.

Three important things to remember here, Guaranteed residual income, Massive and also passive income.

We’ve created elements in our explosive compensation plan that allows you to triple your BTC on a daily basis and for many several times a day!

Bitnamix is so affordable anyone can do this business and can start for as little as 0.0024 BTC

When you enter into our powerful non stop matrix you are now positioned to Double your BTC and also receive Maximum spillover income like clock work

Here’s an example of how Powerful the Bitnamix Matrix is:

When you enter the matrix you have then activated 13 level of earnings And the 3x triple your BTC process begins!

The first two rows cause spill over, rolls up to your upline, or goes to your sponsor.

Position three, four and five come directly to you, and the sixth position causes you to cycle

And goes to your sponsor! Then the process starts all over again as you open a new matrix.

Each level you join as you power level up has 2 times the volume of your previous one. Just imagine each time you level up and double up your earnings triple each and every time

Earning you massive explosive BTC AND IT NEVER STOPS!

You have unlimited time and there’s absolutely no expiration in any matrix, and of course the more aggressive you are the quicker you can maximize and triple your earnings!

Bitnamix is so serious about building wealth for you and your team, we incentivise everyone to upgrade to higher levels so you won’t miss any profits!

Our mission is for you to maximize the amazing Bitnamix compensation plan, the more you earn the better! We love to see you earn and win BIG!

You’ll want to get started right now, many get started with at least the first 6 packages, however many that are super serious start with all 12 levels for maximum profits!

So you’re serious about 3 Xing your BITCOIN? Great! Ready to get started! Wanna know how to get started?

Wait until you see this! Things are just about to get even better!

Getting started is super easy and even more profitable and starts with you joining the world renowned Bitnamix Unilevel!

The unilevel #1 unlocks the doors to access to the massive Compensation plan we just went over, but also it pays you to have access! That's right this insane unilevel portion of the comp plan spits out guaranteed residuals month after month after month!

The benefits of the UNILEVEL:

#1 Unlocks the full comp plan

#2 Gives 100% access to Bitnamix proprietary Marketing system

#3 Spits out Six levels of massive passive income each and every month (This is in addition to the Powerful Matrix program)

This unheard of BTC crazy unilevel pays as following:

1st level - 3%

2nd level - 5%

3rd level- 7%

4th level- 13%

5th level- 25%

6th level - 42%


All with NO Waiting and Paid Daily!!!!

The perfect storm of Bitnamix has hit the industry and there’s NO stopping!
Get started today, change your life, why? It's yours and you deserve Bitnamix!!

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